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123Ignition Electronic Distributors

123Ignition Electronic Distributors

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We can supply 123Ignition electronic ignition distributors for Fulvia, 2000, Flavia, Flaminia, Aurelia and Montecarlo. 

Made in the Netherlands, and have proven to be reliable and popular with many classic car owners and workshops. 

We provide our own instructions along with the manufacturers (something other suppliers don't do). Some models may need the drive gear or dog transferring to the new shaft, or we can install them for you if we have the components or the whole car.

There are, primarily, three types with different uses and prices:

  • Switchable - A small switch under a cover sets the advance curve from a range of preset options depending on your chassis/engine/distributor number
  • Programmable - These can be programmed via a laptop and USB cable with your own advance curve for more custom engine installations. A second map can be used (via a switch on the yellow wire) for a retarded map for poor quality fuel or some other purpose.
  • Bluetooth - as programmable, but instead of via a laptop and USB cable, it can be done on your phone via Bluetooth.

We can also supply HT leads, coils, spare caps and rotor arms and mounting hardware (necessary for some models) - see the options listed.

If we are out of stock, please get in touch as we can usually get them in fairly quickly. 

Weight: 1000 g

SKU: 2197264C-A

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