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Fulvia S1 / Flavia steering wheel boss (Momo & Nardi fittings)

Fulvia S1 / Flavia steering wheel boss (Momo & Nardi fittings)

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This steering wheel boss allows fitment of aftermarket steering wheels which conform to the Momo and Nardi fitments of 6x70mm and 6x74mm, (which includes OMP, Sparco, Personal etc).    Exceptions include Mota-Lita and some Mountney wheels.

The steering wheel will move towards you by approx. 75mm.

On cars with a headlamp flasher and horn button on the steering wheel, you will have to relocate one function to another switch.

A horn push is included, but for licensing reasons, it doesn't have a Lancia logo.   We can supply a correctly licensed horn push seperately.

6 screws and an allen key are included.  The screws are for wheels with a countersunk face - some wheels need a different screw, which may come with the steering wheel, but we can alternative screws if required.


Fulvia Series 1
Flavia 815, 819 and 820 (but not the later 2000)

Weight: 600 g


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